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A Coffee Lover’s Guide To The Best Tokyo Coffee Shops

If you know me, you know that no matter where I find myself in the world, the absolute first thing I will look for is a good coffee shop, and … Read more

Seoul Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Seoul

After living in Seoul for three months and getting used to the rhythm of the city and the pace of its people I can now look back and remember all … Read more

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Season: The Most Beautiful Viewing Spots

Get your tarp ready because the Tokyo cherry blossom season is finally here! After learning that we would be spending six months in Tokyo for work, my first thought was … Read more

10+ Things To Do In Oaxaca City For First Time Visitors

Oaxaca City is a destination that took a long time to get on my radar—even as a Mexican—but once it did, I was shocked that I hadn’t visited it sooner. … Read more

Is Oaxaca Worth Visiting? Everything You Need To Know

If the question of “Is Oaxaca worth visiting?” has been roaming your mind while trying to choose your next Mexican destination, the answer is absolutely! And I’m here to show … Read more

Korean Street Food You Need To Try in Seoul

When thinking of Korean food one might immediately think of Korean BBQ, a leisurely meal enjoyed with friends and soju, however, not all your meals in Seoul need to be … Read more

50+ Unique Things to Do in Seoul

Seoul is a fun and busy city where there is always something to do, a new cafe to visit, or a new neighborhood to explore, which can make finding things … Read more

10+ Best Places To Visit in Seoul For First-Time Visitors

Seoul is slowly but surely climbing up the list of most interesting destinations to visit, it might all be thanks to the current worldwide fascination with K-culture; from K-pop to … Read more
Traditional hanok at Bukchon Hanok Village

Visiting the Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul: A Complete Guide

Seoul’s tall shiny buildings, business people in suits chain smoking on the corners, and busy street crossings can you make you feel like you are in any other big city … Read more

Best Cafes in Seoul for Good Coffee

If you are looking for the best things to do in Seoul, trying out some of the best cafes in Seoul with actually good coffee—and not just aesthetics—should absolutely be … Read more