5 Coffee Shops You Need To Try In Münster, Germany

Münster is known for being a student city. So one would think that the city would be flooded with super cool, young, and modern coffee shops. But to be completely honest, it is not. In fact, I can count in one hand (maybe a few more) the ones that actually live up to cool coffee shop standards. And by this, I mean a place that makes an actual cappuccino by hand, and not the cup full of air that they would give you at a bakery. But fear not, there may not be many, but the ones there are, are good. So here are my top 5 coffee shops that you need to try in Münster.


I mean, just look at that calligraphy and exterior. I would right away want to stop to check what’s inside of this cute shop. And I would be even happier to know that is coffee! Kaffeegiesserei has a modern but at the same time rustic feel to its interior. Where one would normally be able to sit to enjoy their coffee, but because of the pandemic is currently off-limits. Nonetheless, they have made the exterior look equally inviting. You can stop here to get a frothy cappuccino to go and even window shop some of their beautiful ceramics and cutlery.

I have my eye on some beautiful golden spoons.

Heart shaped cappuccino


Roestbar is my first coffee love in Münster. Mainly because they are the only ones right in the heart of the city. This means is the perfect spot to grab a delicious flat white after a day of shopping in the Altstadt. Besides having incredible baristas, as the name suggests, they also roast their own beans. Providing some other coffee shops around the city with their own brand of coffee beans. So definitely worth it to try a coffee from one of the OGs in the area.

Exterior of Supremo coffee shop

Supremo Kaffeerösterei

Supremo Kaffeerösterei is a true German establishment in the sense that the place doesn’t have a trendy youthful atmosphere to it, but it still delivers excellent coffee. Efficiency over aesthetics. As the name suggests Supremo also roasts their own beans which right away means that they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to making a supreme (see what I did there) cup of coffee.

Croissant and a cappuccino being held


19sieben is a self-proclaimed breakfast restaurant, but their coffee seems to be a good enough reason to stop by. The place has a very Scandinavian vibe; minimalistic, neutral colors, and very airy. A nice aesthetic contrast to a typical German coffee place which would normally be a bakery or an Eis place. They are open for coffee-to-go during the pandemic.

PS: Last time I went I tried this croissant with goat’s cheese, pear jam, and rucola, and it was divine! 10/10 would recommend.

Two cappuccinos and some granola on a tiny bowl, plus two watermelon slices

Easylivin’ Culture

Easylivin’ describes itself as a coffee shop, but I would say is more of a restaurant that also serves amazing coffee. Their menu consists of tasty salads, warm sandwiches, breakfast options, and of course a German favorite; cake. Their oat milk cappuccino is strong, and the milk nice and frothy. Definitely, one of my favorite spots in Münster Altstadt to stop for a quick lunch and a pick-me-up coffee. The place is stunning, with so much attention to detail.

During the pandemic, they are open for coffee to go and also have breakfast boxes to go. Check them on their website they look so good!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any other favorites around the city that I should try?

Let me know in the comments.

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