Hotels in Valle de Guadalupe: A Casa Mayoral Review

The last time I was back home in Mexico visiting family, my boyfriend and I decided to take a little weekend getaway into nature. Vineyards count as nature, right? We drove south to the rustic Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s wine country, and found the perfect cabin to spend the weekend in, Casa Mayoral, one of the coziest boutique hotels in Valle de Guadalupe.

Casa Mayoral: Affordable Cozy Boutique Hotel In Valle de Guadalupe

Cabin in Casa Mayoral in Valle de Guadalupe

Before actually driving there I was a bit overwhelmed looking at accommodations and… prices. I really wanted to surprise my boyfriend with a special place somewhere far out of the city but didn’t feel like breaking the bank. So after almost an hour of research on Booking, I found this place that looked just perfect; aesthetic and budget-wise. Casa Mayoral in Valle de Guadalupe.

TIP: During the low season is much easier to book something last minute and also, obviously, cheaper. My stay at Casa Mayoral was 25% off the original price.

Casa Mayoral: What is it?

Casa Mayoral is a boutique hotel in Valle de Guadalupe that consists of a group of rustic, but chic, cabins surrounded by golden hills in the heart of Mexico’s wine country.

Back when we stayed in 2017 they only had 4 standard cabins, perfect for a romantic getaway, since then it seems like they have expanded to a few more, and even added bigger cabins to accommodate bigger groups of people, and for longer stays, perfect for families or groups of friends.

Cabin: How is it?

The room is spacious with a stunning view over the vineyards and hills by day, and clear starry skies at night. After sunset, we could also hear the coyotes howling right outside our balcony, which I loved. The cabin is the perfect definition of rustic chic; a modern wood architecture with brick walls, that still feels warm and cozy.

Cabin in Casa Mayoral in Valle de Guadalupe

How much is the night at this boutique hotel in Valle de Guadalupe?

The standard suite costs around 120 USD per night, and I believe during the low season I found it for 90 USD (score!). The host was really helpful and friendly, even though we arrived a bit later than expected after taking the wrong turn somewhere on the road, he patiently explained to us on the phone how to get there, and waited for us to arrive safely.

Casa Mayoral Amenities

Breakfast at Casa Mayoral in Valle de Guadalupe

We woke up early the next day to admire the views from our balcony and head down to the outdoor dining area in time for breakfast, which was already included in the price, and was actually delicious!

We all know those places where they say they have breakfast included and then just hand you a pre-packaged piece of sweet bread, there’s none of that here. We had a delicious typical Mexican breakfast consisting of red chilaquiles, fried eggs, and beans, with a good cup of coffee, out on a beautiful patio under the shade of the vines climbing the kiosk’s wood structure. Simply 10/10!

Breakfast at Casa Mayoral in Valle de Guadalupe

Bonus tip: At your arrival, you can purchase a bottle of local wine at the check-in desk, or you can bring your own bottle from your favorite wine tour of the day. The room comes with wine glasses and a wine opener. It is still wine country after all!

For someone who grew up so close to this area of Mexico, I could not believe it took me so many years and a foreign boyfriend to finally make my way down to Valle de Guadalupe, so don’t make the same mistake and plan your trip to Valle sooner than later. And now that you know about one of the coziest hotels in Valle de Guadalupe you have no excuse!

Hope you found this review of a hotel in Valle de Guadalupe helpful, you can always leave me a comment if you have any questions, or let me know if you end up staying at Casa Mayoral, I would love to hear about it!

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