Most Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Germany

Hi, I’m Ilse, a born and raised Mexican that has been based in Germany for the past 4 years. And one of the hardest things about living in Germany has been being homesick for the food. My family is always a video call away, but tacos… nothing replaces tacos. And for the longest time, I just gave up on finding good Mexican food since everything seemed to be Tex-Mex around here. BUT, last year on my quarantine birthday I was alone, depressed, and I just wanted to feel at home. So after a lot of research, I found a place in Köln that seemed to have REAL tacos. And after sharing my love for that place on TikTok I realized how many of us are here craving for a taste of home. So I went on a mission through Google maps to find the most authentic Mexican restaurants in Germany. And this is what I found…

Tacos al pastor

I do have to disclaim, I have ONLY personally eaten at La Casita Mexicana in Köln in the Belgian Quarter. All the recommendations on this map are based on the pictures and menus on google maps. I am searching for authentic-looking food, anything with “crunchy taco shell” is an absolute NOPE. Anything with tacos with lettuce and corn and grated cheese is an absolute NOPE.

I went through so many menus. And the restaurants I selected on this map seem to have the most authentic Mexican food. As far as Mexican food in Germany goes. I’m mainly looking for tacos, but a few of them also have enchiladas, chilaquiles, micheladas, pozole, aguas frescas, and more.

I am very aware that most of them still have a lot of “Tex-Mex” on their menu. Which is understandable since they still have to cater to international customers. But if I chose the place is because a few things on their menu are close to home. So pay close attention to the menu and the pictures.

If you are not Mexican but are ready to ditch Sausalitos, make sure to check the notes on the map. This is meant to help you get a start point. You can absolutely still enjoy your burritos or bowls. But if you want to try real Mexican cuisine you might want to follow the recommendations on the notes.

Visual representation of the right technique to eat a taco.

Please let me know if you tried any of these places, or if you have any other good recommendations. I will for sure be on a mission to try most of them whenever is safe to travel again.

Until then,


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  1. Hi,
    Even though I am German I know exactly what you’re talking about regarding the tacos. I’ve been to Mexico 5 years ago and been thinking about tacos ever since.

    You can add „YepaYepa“ in Freiburg and „GutenTaco“ in Überlingen at the lake of Constance. I’ve been to both and they have proper Mexican tacos.



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