Dundas Peak Trail: The Best Place To See Fall Colors Near Toronto

Are you wanting to get out of the city and enjoy the beauty of the fall colors near Toronto? Dundas Peak is the spot you are looking for!

In this short and concise guide, we will share everything you need to know about visiting the stunning park, what, when, where, the Dundas Peak parking situation, prices, is a Dundas Peak reservation needed? And more.

Dundas Peak the best place to see fall colors in Canada
The famous view from Dundas Peak: The best place to see fall colors near Toronto.

What is the Dundas Peak trail?

The Dundas Peak trail is a fairly easy uphill hike located in Hamilton, Ontario, a short 1 hr drive outside of Toronto.

This popular trail takes you through some stunning nature for about 20 min before you reach the end of the hike and are rewarded with the peak, which as the name suggests is the star of the show, as the hike opens up to a mesmerizing viewpoint where you get to admire a sea of hypnotizing orange and yellow hues that spread far into the distance.

It is truly a breathtaking sight, and definitely one of the best spots to see the fall colors near Toronto!

The best view of fall at Dundas Peak

Best time to visit Dundas Peak trail

Throughout the last couple of years, a lot of places that would normally be known only to locals have become increasingly crowded due to Instagram fame, and this lush trail is no different. The growing crowds can really ruin an experience that could otherwise be magical, so I think is very important to take this into consideration when planning your next visit to Dundas Peak to admire the fall foliage.

I would highly recommend trying to make the trip to Dundas Peak trail during a weekday, if your schedule allows, and early in the day when hopefully most people are busy.

We visited the trail on a Monday at around 10 am and we got there right before the big crowds, but even on a Monday, it got pretty crowded by midday, so better set those early alarms!

The best place to see fall colors in Canada, Dundas Peak

Best months to visit Dundas Peak trail

I have no doubt that the Dundas Peak trail must have a stunning view in summer and spring as well, but if what you want is to see the leaves changing, then the best time to make it here would be at some point in October.

Then again, it really depends on the year and the weather, but I would say that from the middle of October to the beginning of November you should be able to catch a beautiful nature show at the Dundas Peak trail.

I visited Dundas Peak trail on the 21st of October 2019 and the leaves were already brightly colored and most trees were still fully dressed, as you can see below.

Fall colored trees

How to get there and Dundas Peak parking

The best and easiest way to get here would be by car, we rented a car for the day and made a whole day trip out of it, stopping at different places along the way.

There is a designated Dundas Peak parking lot at the beginning of the trail, which will have a cost of 10.50 CAD per vehicle.

Is the Dundas Peak trail hard?

The actual hike to the famous Dundas Peak lookout is not too demanding, it takes around 20 min from the parking lot to get to it, and on the way to the lookout you walk past a beautiful waterfall, and along your walk, you can hear a stream of water running nearby as if you were in a Disney movie and birds will suddenly come to stand on your shoulder.

The Dundas Peak trail is a very family-friendly trail that can be easily enjoyed with kids, as is not too steep, and not too long.

Take time to absorb it

After admiring the panoramic view over the beautiful red, orange, and yellow sea of leaves, and taking the necessary photos, we made sure to find a spot away from people and just sat in the woods, listening to the trees and the birds and the water running down below. It was so calming.

Dundas Peak fall colors in Canada

Don’t miss Webster Falls

When you are done with the lookout, you can get in your car and drive another 5 minutes to get to Webster Falls on the other side of the forest.

It seems like a lot of people don’t come here since they only come for the photo at the peak and leave, nonetheless, the falls are also stunning in their own right and make for a very peaceful walk around the area, with fewer people around and the soothing sound of water rushing by.

Falls at Dundas Peak

NOTE: Please please please be careful. We all love a good picture without so many people in the back, but if to get this picture you need to hang really close to the edge of the cliff, then better not. We saw quite a few people taking very risky shots, no Instagram photo is worth someone dying for it, seriously.

I hope you found this little guide on visiting the famous Dundas Peak trail helpful! Let us know if you have any information you think we should add to it, or if you end up visiting this beautiful place with the help of this guide. We would love to hear it!

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