7 Cafes In Münster, Germany That You Need To Try

Whether you are a visitor to the charming Münster city in need of a pick me up or a student needing a caffeine kick, here are 8 cafes you need to try in Münster, Germany for great coffee.

The first time I visited Münster, Germany a couple of years ago, I found it hard to believe that this charming city was a widely known student city.

My logic is, that if there are students, there needs to be good coffee, and at the time there just wasn’t.

The best thing you could get was a bakery cappuccino—which we all know is basically just a cup full of air.

So I was pleasantly surprised to come back recently to my on-and-off base of Münster, to see that Germany is finally catching up to the world of the third-wave coffee movement.

It seems like recently, more and more specialty coffee shops, as well as roasteries, have been popping up all over Münster, and I’m here for it. Give the students the coffee they deserve!

So without further ado here is my list of cafes in Münster, Germany that you need to try.

7 Cafes in Münster, Germany That You Need to Try

Heart shaped cappuccino

Kaffeegiesserei: A cozy cafe in Münster

Kaffeegiesserei was one of the first “modern” cafes I spotted in Münster years ago, and I spotted it because of that cute font—Germany can be very outdated, so when something looks the slightest bit modern or millennial it really stands out.

Kaffeegiesserei is a modern cafe with a cozy vibe that invites you to spend some time in their indoor seating looking out the window, and what’s even better, their coffee is great, they make a real cappuccino and none of that bakery airy stuff.

You can go in and enjoy their cozy atmosphere or pick up a coffee to go on your way to the Altstadt.

They also sell some eye-catching homeware pieces such as ceramics and interesting-looking cutlery.

Roestbar: The best coffee shop in Münster

Roestbar was my first coffee love in Münster. Mostly, because they are the only ones right in the heart of the city, making them easy to find, but also because they are consistent in their coffee.

I visited the Domgasse location many times and the coffee was always perfect, which I greatly appreciate. I hate when you can only love a coffee shop depending on who is the barista that day, but Roestbar takes its coffee consistency seriously.

As the name hints, they also roast their own beans and supply some other cafes in Münster, and you can even find their coffee at most supermarkets nowadays.

So definitely make sure to stop by and try a flat white from one of the best coffee roasters in Germany and one of my favorite cafes in Munster.

Café 19sieben: Airy cafe in Münster with scandi vibes

Café 19sieben is a self-proclaimed breakfast restaurant, but their coffee seems to be a good enough reason to stop by.

The place has a very Scandinavian vibe; minimalistic, neutral colors, and with lots of natural light coming in, it makes for a cozy place to stop for an afternoon coffee.

A nice aesthetic contrast to a typical German coffee place which would normally be a bakery or an Eis place.

As mentioned before, they serve a variety of breakfast items in the morning, as well as a some baked goods throughout the day.

Last time I was there they had a croissant with goat’s cheese, pear jam, and rucola and it was a solid 10/10. Definitely get it if it’s still a menu item.

Croissant and a cappuccino being held

Kliewe Coffee Elements Cafe: Modern third-wave coffee shop

Kliewe Coffee Elements Cafe is a newer addition to the Münster coffee scene and, one that is very welcomed.

This clean and modern-looking coffee shop also doubles as a showroom for espresso equipment, which goes to show how seriously they take their craft.

Their coffee is consistently amazing, and their pastries are also pretty good, I particularly loved their creamy New York-style cheesecake.

Definitely a cafe in Münster worth visiting for a good cup of coffee close to the city center.

Easylivin’ Culture: Great coffee and healthy meals

Easylivin’ Culture is a coffee, brunch and lunch spot according to their own description, serving a variety of tasty healthy dishes, but the main reason I visit it is for their coffee.

Back in the day I went dairy-free for a little bit and I was shocked at how good their oat milk cappuccino was, the coffee was strong, and the milk was nice and frothy, instead of just laying flat like most alternative milks.

Definitely, one of my favorite cafes in MünsterAltstadt to stop for a quick lunch and a pick-me-up coffee.

I also love how their coffee is always accompanied by a little snack, like this small granola bowl and watermelon portion. So cute!

Two cappuccinos and some granola on a tiny bowl, plus two watermelon slices

Happy Monkey: Bagels and coffee

I love a good old German breakfast spread, but sometimes while running errands around town I need something quicker, and Happy Monkey is the place to go.

Happy Monkey is a coffee shop with an extensive menu of bagels, really they have every combination under the sun.

The bagels are delicious and the coffee is pretty good too, not as good as the roasteries on this list, but good enough if you want the whole combo of a hearty breakfast bagel and a latte to keep you going.

Cafe Kuhlmann in der Salzstrasse: One of the cutest cafes in Münster Altstadt

Lastly, one of the cutest cafes in Münster, which I’m not sure if it is brand new or I just never noticed it before, but it has now become one of my favorites; Cafe Kuhlmann.

Cafe Kuhlmann in der Salzstrasse is a quaint little red brick-walled coffee shop in the heart of Münster, with small French-looking tables outside, perfect for people watching and basking in the frische Luft.

Good coffee, cozy atmosphere, perfect for an afternoon coffee and cake, sitting outside with a little blanket on your lap.

Hope you found this concise guide of the best cafes in Münster, Germany useful in your search for a good cup of coffee. Have you tried any of these? Do you have any other favorites around the city that I should try?

Let me know, I love to talk coffee shops!

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