A Coffee Lover’s Guide To The Best Tokyo Coffee Shops

If you know me, you know that no matter where I find myself in the world, the absolute first thing I will look for is a good coffee shop, and more often than not I find them, seriously, today I found an amazing coffee shop in the middle of a tiny Japanese town close to Chureito Pagoda, but that’s a story for another time, today we are focusing on the best of Tokyo coffee spots.

After having lived in Tokyo for three months now, and still having three more months to go, I have been intentionally trying out as many coffee shops as possible, and it has resulted in this extensive list, my love letter to the Tokyo coffee scene—which to be honest, took me a little bit to crack.

Coming to Tokyo straight after living in Seoul for three months, Tokyo made me feel like I had to work hard to find good coffee spots, in Seoul, cute little cafes flood the streets, in Tokyo, it feels like you need to know what you are looking for in order to find it.

So to save you all the hardcore Google map research and aimlessly wandering around the city looking for a decent latte, here is my caffeinated masterpiece…

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A Coffee Lovers Guide To The Best Tokyo Coffee Shops

To make things easier for you, I will categorize my favorite Tokyo coffee shops by area, so you can plan your perfect Tokyo itinerary for the day, and then check the list to see what great Tokyo coffee shop is nearby, that’s how I tend to function when I’m out and about.

So let’s get into it!

Bongen Coffee in Ginza

Bongen Coffee is the tiniest of coffee shops, tucked away in a quiet street in the busy shopping district of Ginza, with just a long bench for about four people to sit down, Bongen is not the place to stay for long, but with its cozy wood interiors and mystical bonsai tree, you will want to.

At Bongen Coffee you can choose your favorite type of house-roasted beans for your espresso-based drink but be warned, they are strong, particularly their Bongen Latte, which is definitely worth a try if you are in need of an extra caffeine kick.

This is the perfect Tokyo coffee shop to pick up a strong coffee to go, to fuel that Ginza shopping spree!

Saza Coffee in Shimbashi Station

Saza Coffee is located inside the Shimbashi station, but outside of the gates, which makes it one of the most conveniently located Tokyo coffee shops since you will inevitably have to switch lines at Shimbashi at one point.

This surprisingly excellent metro station coffee shop has fueled many of our early mornings before a day trip, and every single time their lattes have been amazing.

I have also made it a routine to stop by Saza Coffee on the way home, back from those day trips, to get a hot chocolate, and even those have been consistently delicious!

So if you have to pass through the busy Shimbashi station make sure to stop by this Tokyo coffee shop.

Brooklyn Roasteries in Shimokitazawa and Tokyo International Forum

This New York-based roasting company has two locations in Tokyo, one in the Tokyo International Forum, which is relatively close to the Tokyo Station, a station you will have to go to to take the Shinkansen out of the city, and another one in the young and trendy Shimokitazawa.

Both of their locations are quite roomy with plenty of space to sit down, wifi, and electric outlets, making them both perfect spots to do a little computer catch-up when needed, and their coffee is always prepared to perfection.

The location in the International Forum shares the building with an international convenience store but has big glass windows with natural light coming in, and the one in Shimokitazawa definitely has a bit more of that Brooklyn vibe, with high warehouse ceilings and brick walls.

Save the Tokyo coffee guide for later!

Your future decaffeinated self will thank you.

The Usual Coffee in Shimokitazawa

A cozy coffee spot located in the thrift shop-filled streets of Shimokitazawa, offering sets of cake and coffee, if you are in the mood for something sweet, as well as some light lunch options.

This is a quiet little cafe perfect for taking a break from all the vintage shopping in the area, and enjoying a good cup of coffee while planning your next move for the day.

Verve Coffee Roasters

This Californian coffee roaster has three locations in Tokyo, and although they all serve excellent coffee, my favorite one, and the one I visited the most, is the Verve Coffee Roasters in Roppongi.

The Roppongi location is a massive coffee shop—by Japanese standards—with lots of seating space, wifi, tasty hot sandwiches, and some of the most unique drinks I have had recently.

Their normal latte is always great, no matter what bean you choose, but one of my favorite drinks at Verve is their honey rosemary latte, it’s so good!

If you don’t drink coffee make sure to try their chamomile tea, which to my surprise, is somehow…frothy? Almost as if it was a chamomile latte, it’s delicious!

Without a doubt one of my favorite coffee shops in Tokyo, especially for sitting down with the laptop to get some work done.

Kizasu Coffee by Tokyo Tower

I found this little gem while looking for a last-minute coffee fix to fuel an afternoon of walking around the Tokyo Tower, and exploring the Zojo-ji temple and the plum garden, and Kizasu jumped at me from my Google Maps.

Kizasu is a little coffee shop that seems to be built in someone’s garage, which I loved, seems very contrasting to the sometimes overly designed coffee shops in Tokyo.

It’s an unassuming tiny coffee bar serving strong espresso-based drinks, as well as sandwiches and some desserts.

It’s the perfect Tokyo coffee shop to stop by when out and about exploring the Tokyo Tower area.

Fuglen Coffee Roasters

Although this coffee shop is originally Norwegian, Fuglen seems to be a staple in the Tokyo coffee scene, with locals always lining up outside to get their caffeine fix.

There are four Fuglen locations around Tokyo, with my two favorite ones being the one next to Yoyogi Park, which makes it perfect to grab a coffee to go and stroll through the park, and the one in Asakusa, which is perfect for a little tourist break while visiting Senso-ji Temple.

This popular Tokyo coffee shop is known for its excellent coffee, its tasty Norweigan waffles, and its elegant and irresistible Scandinavian design, definitely one of the best Tokyo coffee shops to visit.

Camelback Sandwich & Espresso by Yoyogi Park

Camelback is located in my favorite little area in Tokyo, Tomigaya, a quiet area west of Yoyogi Park that is filled with amazing coffee shops and adorable boutique stores.

Camelback is one of the many high-quality coffee shops in this neighborhood, highlighted by Monocle in their Monocle Book of Japan, this tiny industrial-style, yet cozy Tokyo coffee spot is passionate about its craft, offering excellent espresso-based drinks as well as a unique tamago-sando, or egg sandwich.

Definitely one of the top Tokyo coffee shops to visit if you are in the area, plus the Monocle shop is right around the corner, so grab a coffee and then go buy some beautiful coffee table books. That’s my dream itinerary right there.

Little Nap Coffee by Yoyogi Park

Little Nap Coffee is another great gem located near Yoyogi Park, which serves carefully prepared cups of coffee and a variety of small sweet treats, ice cream, and hot dogs— which is a recurring theme in coffee shops in Japan, for some reason.

This compact little Tokyo coffee spot offers very limited seating, so is more of a grab-and-go type of place, which is probably what you will be doing anyway if you are trying to see all the Tokyo sights.

Coffee Supreme Tokyo by Yoyogi Park

Another amazing Tokyo coffee shop in the Yoyogi Park proximity—told you this was my favorite area—is the visually attractive Coffee Supreme, but don’t you worry, this is a cafe that delivers what it sells, their branding is as eye-catching as their coffee is carefully crafted—no gimmicks here.

This compact and bright Kiwi coffee shop serves strong espresso-based drinks, a delicious chai latte, and a variety of sandwiches, they also have some very entertaining merchandise, so make sure to check that out.

Streamer Coffee Company by Meguro River

Streamer Coffee is a Tokyo-native coffee shop, that has been expanding around Tokyo and the rest of Japan since opening its first shop in Shibuya back in 2010.

Nowadays you can find nine Streamer Coffee Shops spread around Tokyo, with one of my favorite locations being the one by Meguro River, where you can go in and enjoy generously poured lattes, and one of my favorite egg sandwiches in Tokyo.

This Streamer Coffee location is also the perfect place to avoid crowds during Tokyo Cherry Blossom season when people are lining up for up to three hours outside the nearby Starbucks Roastery, so if you are starving and just want some peace and quiet and great coffee, come here instead.

Onibus Coffee in Meguro

Onibus Coffee has four different locations in the city, with its Nakameguro shop being one of the most popular Tokyo coffee shops among Instagrammers.

The rustic cabin-looking coffee shop is set right next to the train tracks of the Nakameguro station, which means you can enjoy a carefully crafted cup of coffee while watching the trains go by outside the window of their second floor, if you get lucky the tree right outside the window might have bloomed, making for an idyllic view.

What makes Onibus one of the best coffee shops in Tokyo, besides the cozy vibes, the welcoming patio sitting area, and the fun window views, is the fact that it takes its coffee seriously, with several bean options for you to choose from for your drink, as well as for sale.

The Roastery by Nozy Coffee on Cat Street

The Roastery by Nozy Coffee is a serious coffee shop conveniently located in the center of Cat Street, a popular shopping street in Shibuya.

Their menu is simple and straightforward, it’s either espresso, americano, or latte, no tea, no hot chocolate, they are a coffee shop and they mean it.

The ambiance is low light with brick walls, they also have wifi and electric outlets and offer a few sweet treats.

This roastery also offers weekly classes for those wanting to learn more about coffee, which might be a fun activity to squeeze in during your trip to Tokyo.

and C coffee by Shinjuku Gyeon National Park

And C is a small coffee shop located in a quiet residential area close to Shinjuku Gyeon National Park, which makes it the perfect pit spot on your way to visit this gorgeous park—which I would highly recommend.

If you have some time to sit down and slow down they also offer a variety of cakes, scones, and hot sandwiches.

Blue Bottle Coffee Company

Another Californian coffee company that is a massive hit in the Tokyo coffee scene is the trendy Blue Bottle Coffee, which has around fourteen(!) locations in Tokyo alone.

To be honest it is easy to see why Blue Bottle is such a popular coffee shop in Japan, Blue Bottle prides itself on always delivering the best cup of coffee, the baristas behind the bar are truly masters at what they do, and if anyone appreciates precision and consistency is the Japanese- and me, when it comes to coffee.

Their coffee is always perfect, their mocha is also one of my favorites, and in Japan, Blue Bottle has an actual food menu, with avocado toast, hot sandwiches accompanied by soup bowls, and waffles. Also, their Japanese merchandise is worth checking out.

Definitely one of the top Tokyo coffee shops that you should visit while exploring the city!

Duct Coffee Lab by Daikanyama

Another place that understands my appreciation for a massive cup of coffee is Duct Coffee Lab in Daikan-Yama.

We stopped by this Tokyo coffee shop on our walk to the Tstutaya bookshop in Daikan-yama from the Ebisu station on a rainy day, and it was just perfect! Latte the size of my face, rainy day, and a massive bookshop, it was the perfect itinerary.

The space is cozy but definitely has more seating space than places like Little Nap and Camel, with two bars for people to sit at and a high table in the middle of the cafe, this place actually allows you to stop and chill for a bit before moving on to your next adventure for the day.

Allpress Espresso Tokyo Roastery in Koto

Another one of my favorite coffee areas in Tokyo is the quiet Koto City, a residential area that has been booming with amazing coffee shops, and one of them is Allpress Espresso Tokyo Roastery.

Allpress Espresso Tokyo stands out in the middle of a quiet neighborhood with its modern-looking cabin shape, and if you are confused by what is inside the tiny little coffee sign will point you in the right direction.

The space is open and inviting, however, the seating is a bit limited, but at this point that is not surprising for Tokyo, they offer some small sweet treats, strong coffee, and a very delicious mocha.

Monnaka Coffee in Koto

Monnaka coffee in Koto has become one of our favorite go-to options for a stress-free breakfast in Tokyo, it helps us avoid the chaos of going into the heart of the city, but we can still get a tasty egg sandwich in an adorable coffee shop with a perfect latte, and have a nice area to explore right after.

Definitely one of the best Tokyo coffee shops to visit if you plan to explore the more unconventional areas of Tokyo, such as Koto City.

This is my research report after testing out the Tokyo coffee scene for the past three months, but don’t you worry, I still have three more months to go in this exciting city, and lots of coffee shops to try, so rest assured that I will keep updating and adding to this coffee guide as I go… all in the name of science.

Do you have a favorite Tokyo coffee shop that I miss? Let me know in the comments so I can give it a try *she types as she shakes from the third latte she has had today*

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    • Hi Victor, of course! The coffee shop I stopped by when visiting Chureito Pagoda is called Fuuto Coffee & Bakeshop, its super cute and they have great coffee and obviously some baked goods. I do have to say that it is a small detour, since it is in the opposite direction of where you would need to go to start the hike to the Pagoda, but its just a short 10 min walk from the Shimoyoshida station. So definitely worth it if you want to grab a coffee first. Hope you have a great trip!


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