Where To Eat In Roma Norte, Mexico City: Best Casual Eats

From the best chilaquiles in town to the most popular taco spot, this is where to eat in Roma Norte, Mexico City’s trendiest neighborhood.

Roma Norte neighborhood in Mexico City is equally known for its beautiful tree-lined streets and incredible mix of architectural styles as it is for being a foodie hot spot with an abundance of trendy restaurants, award-winning cocktail bars, and cute cafes.

The neighborhood has incredible food options for every budget and occasion, but we will focus on the best casual eats, as is the easiest thing to fit into a busy Mexico City itinerary.

Where To Eat In Roma Norte: Best Casual Eats

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Peltre: Brunch in the heart of Roma Norte

Peltre is a local chain of cafes offering delicious breakfast and lunch deals around the city.

Their convenient location in Roma Norte has become a regular spot for me to visit whenever I’m in town.

The menu consists of typical Mexican breakfast dishes, from huevos divorciados (sunny-side-up eggs bathed in both, red and green salsa) huevos revueltos (good ol’ scrambled eggs) chilaquiles, and more.

In their drink menu, you will find freshly squeezed juices and strong coffee.

The ambiance is casual, the location is perfect for people watching and getting a sense of the neighborhood life, and the prices are affordable.

Overall a great spot to eat breakfast in Roma Norte, and start your day exploring Mexico City on the right foot.

Mexican breakfast at Peltre Restaurant in Roma Norte

Romaquil: The best chilaquiles in Roma Norte

This is a fresh addition to the list from the most recent trip I took to Mexico City, and my life was forever changed after discovering this new chilaquiles restaurant in Roma Norte.

Visiting Mexico City this time around I decided to stay a little bit further north and noticed this place on Google Maps close to my Airbnb, and after going once I became hooked!

Three out of four days in Mexico City I ended up having breakfast here.

I missed one day of eating here only because they were closed, so I had chilaquiles somewhere else and ended up super disappointed and craving Romaquil even more.

So, Romaquil is simply a chilaquiles restaurant, but is without a doubt the best chilaquiles I have ever had in my life—and I’m Mexican.

Chilaquiles in Roma Norte

The three times that I went here for breakfast I tried different varieties of their chilaquiles and they were all simply incredible!

Everything tastes fresh and homemade, and the presentation is also on point, everything I look for in a good quality casual meal.

Their cold-pressed juices were also delicious, as well as their fruit bowl. I just love this place and wish I could eat there every day.

So if you are looking for where to eat in Roma Norte you must put Romaquil on your list!

Chilaquiles in Roma Norte restaurant

Alvaro Obregón: Delicious tacos in Roma Norte

Why else would anyone come to Mexico if is not to eat their body weight in tacos?

However, I completely understand that is hard to let go of caution and dive headfirst into actual street food in Mexico⁠, but if you really want to have some tacos and you would rather not have them served on the side of the road, this is a great taco option for you!

Tacos Alvaro Obregón is a clean sit-down establishment, located on the avenue with the same name, they are always busy—which means they are good— well located, a bit on the pricier side for locals but still very cheap for foreigners—and honestly there are still plenty of locals that eat here.

Their specialty is tacos al pastor, which goes down great with agua de horchata or a michelada.

It’s the perfect quick lunch or late-night dinner after a night out since they close at 5 am.

Tacos Alvaro Obregon in Roma Norte

Taqueria Orinoco: Popular taco spot in Roma Norte

I am a loyal Alvaro Obregon taco fan, but I decided to branch out on my last visit to Mexico City and try a new place in Roma Norte, and this is how I found Taqueria Orinoco.

Taqueria Orinoco is an incredibly popular taqueria in the neighborhood with almost ten thousand reviews on Google Maps, and a regular line of customers in the evenings.

However the line moves fast, the service is efficient and the tacos are really good!

A perfect taco spot to visit for lunch or late-night dinner, as they also close at 3:30 am on weekdays and 5 am on weekends— I appreciate night shift taqueros so much!

Tacos in Roma Norte

Healthy meal on a budget in Roma Norte: Frutos Prohibidos

If you are feeling a bit heavy from all the tacos, tostadas, flautas, and whatnot, or if you are just craving a healthier lunch alternative for once, my favorite budget-friendly and healthy lunch option in Roma Norte is Frutos Prohibidos.

Frutos Prohibidos is a small local chain that serves a variety of health-conscious foods, such as acai bowls, smoothies, wraps, and delicious salads.

My go-to option here is the Mona Lisa salad, which consists of crunchy caramelized walnuts, cubed sweet apples, and flavorful goat cheese. It’s so simple but so freaking good! It’s light, and fresh but also very filling.

A great restaurant in Roma Norte to have on your radar for a light lunch or healthy snack.

Salad at Frutos Prohibidos in Roma Norte

Delicious pastries at Panaderia Rosetta

On the sweeter side of things, Panaderia Rosetta was recommended to me time and time again, and after going once for a pain au chocolat I was hooked!

If you walk past this place in the morning you will very quickly realize that this is a spot worth trying. The people line up here, every single morning, in the hopes of getting a fresh-out-of-the-oven piece of flaky heavenly dough.

I have heard great things about all of their pastries but I am a creature of habit, so I always get a pain au chocolat and a cappuccino whenever I’m there, simple yet so delicious it keeps me coming back for more.

If you are more adventurous than me, people always rave about their Guayaba roll as well.

Famous churros in Roma Norte: Churrería el Moro

Another place that is well known for having a whole fandom of people that will line up for however long it takes, is Churreria el Moro.

People go crazy for these churros con chocolate, and for good reason.

These decadent sugary treats are accompanied by the hot chocolate of your choice, and they offer a few varieties of it, all of them unique in their thickness and sweetness, but don’t worry, the menu explains it all very well.

My favorite one is the Mexican hot chocolate, which is much lighter and fluffier in consistency than the typical Spanish one, which makes it perfect to drink straight from the cup as well as sweet enough to dip your churro in.

Whatever you choose you will not be disappointed.

Churros and chocolate El Moro in Roma Norte

Specialty coffee and tasty pastries in Roma Norte: Dosis Cafe

As I mentioned earlier, I am a creature of habit, so after having tried this coffee shop it became one of my favorite specialty coffee shops in Mexico City, and I committed to it.

Whenever I’m in the city I would go there in the morning for a cappuccino on the go if I had somewhere to be, or I would stop by in the afternoons to enjoy a coffee on their outdoor tables with my book.

The staff is always incredibly friendly and helpful, and the coffee is always on point.

Oh, and the brownies are to die for!

Roma Norte neighborhood is a very fun area to explore in Mexico City and one that keeps on growing in popularity. So I hope this post helps you decide where to eat in Roma Norte, as there are plenty of options, but these are some of my favorite casual eats I keep coming back to again and again.

These are all very casual and affordable options, perfect to fit into any busy Mexico City itinerary.

Is there a place you love to eat at in Roma Norte that you think deserves a spot on this list? Let us know, so we can check it out on our next visit!

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